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The Phil Silvers Show 03*07 Sergeant Bilko Presents

A new recruit writes a play, which gives Bilko ideas on how to make a huge profit on Broadway.

Sgt Bilko - Thorn Gets Even - HD - Best New - Best New

Thorn brings in 2 number crunchers to try and prove Bilko is embezzling, but soon comes to find out that it's like trying to nail jello to the wall!

The Phil Silvers Show 03*24 Bilko The Genius

Bilko is mistakenly declared a genius and is transfered to a special camp of high IQ intellectuals to work on secret projects. It's not long before he introduces ...

The Phil Silvers Show 1*28 Bilko And The Beast

The Phil Silvers Show 1*28 Bilko And The Beast.

Sgt Bilko - Meet Major Thorn - HD - Best New - Best New

Major Thorn pays a surprise visit to Fort Baxter and unexpectedly finds out that Sgt Bilko is stationed there.

The Phil Silvers Show 03*03 Hillbilly Whiz

After getting beat 24-0 by the WAC Baseball Team Bilko's latest addition to the troop is Private Hank Lumpkin - a man who killed a mountain lion with a Baseball.

The Phil Silvers Show 03*26 The Colonel's Inheritance

Colonel Hall inherits $5000 & needs to keep it out of Bilko's clutches. He sends the money to the bank. Bilko sends Rocco and Henshaw, dressed as MP's, ...

The Phil Silvers Show 03*17 Bilko Presents Kay Kendall

Movie star Kay Kendall visits Roseville whilst promoting her film & Bilko gets her to appear in a show he's producing. Bilko's hoping to make a bundle of dough ...

The Phil Silvers Show 03*11 Lieutenant Bilko

Bilko's stint in the army is up and he decides to strike out in the big business world. When he learns that a temporary WWII commission was never rescinded he ...

The Phil Silvers Show 03*30 Bilko's TV Pilot

Cowboy Montana Morgan makes friends with Doberman. Duane sends the picture of to CBS & the network ask for a meeting. They want Doberman for a new TV ...

The Phil Silvers Show 03*10 Bilko Buys A Club

Bilko tries to set up a nightclub in Roseville and needs $750 to seal the deal. He learns that one of the national guard contingent assigned to Fort Baxter is ...

What's My Line? - Phil Silvers (Nov 13, 1955)

NOTE: Though it was tried as an experiment earlier, this is the show where it's permanently established that the panelists will be introduced before entering the ...

The Phil Silvers Show 03*28 Bilko's Chinese Restaurant

Bilko unveils plans to open his own Chinese restaurant. Noticing the huge quantities of Chinese ingredients being ordered by Sgt.Ritzik the Pentagon decide to ...

The Phil Silvers Show 03*32 Bilko's Vacation

The doctor orders Col. Hall to take a vacation. He also recommends that the Col. give Bilko and his platoon a furlough. Bilko makes a deal with Dimmeldorf's ...

The Phil Silvers Show 03*33 Bilko's Insurance Company

Bilko sets up his own insurance company at Fort Baxter. But his 'maternity benefits' policy which includes a multiple births clause goes disastrously wrong.

The Phil Silvers Show 1*02 Empty Store

The Phil Silvers Show 1*02 Empty Store.

Phil Silvers in Toast Of The Town (1955)

Phil and the gang performing live on Ed Sullivan's Toast Of The Town on September 9, 1955! Some great things here: Paul Ford fluffs his line, Herbie Faye ...

Unbelievable! Bilko was stood up on his wedding´╝č What ganna happen then


The Phil Silvers Show 1*09 The Eating Contest

The Phil Silvers Show 1*09 The Eating Contest.

The Phil Silvers Show 03*12 Bilko At Bay

Bilko's stint in the army is up and he decides to strike out in the big business world. When he learns that a temporary WWII commission was never rescinded he ...

Sgt. Bilko - Only you

Performed by military force ensemble conducted by Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko.

Sgt Bilko Promo :30

Mark Pybus: Producer/Writer/Editor Marina Manushenko: Audio Mix.

Sergeant Bilko - Fred Gwynn is \

Excerpt from episode 9 of \

The Phil Silvers Show 03*23 Bilko The Art Lover

Bilko is in dire need of a break but true to form has no funds. He contacts Carlyle Thompson III thinking he now has his millions but instead finds him as ...

Bilko the Genius (The Phil Silvers Show)

Bilko after being moved to a top secret projects base due to an error in the army's mandatory I.Q tests wants to place a bet using the combined expertise of his ...

Sgt Bilko and The Con Men

Doberman has had his money taken from him by con men. Luckily Ernie is on hand to help him. First he must win the trust of the con men. Notice how Ernie ...

Sgt. Bilko / The Phil Silvers Show (2/5) Bilko Orders Hairpins & Chewing Gum (1955)

CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1nm0dKP Bilko orders hairpins and chewing gum in a feeble attempt to repair run down Jeep's in this clip from Sgt. Bilko ...

The Phil Silvers Show 03*15 Bilko And The Colonel's Secretary

The Col.'s secretary is reassigned & Bilko picks her replacement. When she arrives at Fort Baxter she is unhappy at being taken away from her true love.

Sgt Bilko - Julie Newmar - Catwoman

Phil Silvers Show.

The Phil Silvers Show 03*02 Bilko's Boys' Town

Bilko is keen to go on desert maneuvers knowing he'll be near Las Vegas. Col. Hall orders him to stay at Fort Baxter. Bilko turns Fort Baxter into a Summer Camp ...

Almanac: Sgt. Bilko

Sixty years ago today - Sept. 20, 1955 - the Army sitcom \

The Phil Silvers Show 1*11 Bivouac

The Phil Silvers Show 1*11 Bivouac.

Sgt. Bilko (1996) - Trailer

An adaptation of the 1950s television series The Phil Silvers Show.

Sgt. Bilko / The Phil Silvers Show (1955) Opening Theme

CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1nm0dKP Check out the opening theme to Sgt. Bilko / The Phil Silvers Show. You can grab the complete series on DVD at ...

Sgt. Bilko Trailer 1996

Sgt. Bilko Trailer 1996 Director: Jonathan Lynn Starring: Dan Aykroyd, Glenne Headly, Phil Hartman, Steve Martin, Daryl Mitchell, Official Content From ...

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